• Who We Are

  • Tammi


    We think our non-toxic, environmentally safe, high-quality cleaning services should be available to everyone at affordable prices.
    That’s why our professional staff will provide you with a wide selection of high quality cleaning services using only “Green Seal Certified” cleaning solutions that provide a safe and thorough cleaning.


  • Our Team Is Well-Trained

     Our mission:

     At Go Green Cleaning our goal is to provide our customers with an eco friendly, biodegradable, pet safe cleaning service to all at an affordable rate. Everyone deserves to be able to keep themselves and their family safe from hazardous cleaning products. No one should every have to be exposed to unsafe cleaning products. We care about the health and well being of you, your family and pets.

     The Go Green Story

     Our passion for green cleaning was inspired by a very saddening and eye opening experience. A dear friend of Go Green whom was a home cleaner for over forty years passed away about six years ago due to inhaling hazardous non green cleaning products every day. Like most she was uninformed about just how toxic these products she worked with everyday were. She was a wonderful person and loved her job very much. Her story made us wonder why everyone was not aware of the risks of using non green cleaning products.

     Through research and surveying friends and family we discovered that most experienced the fear that green cleaning was simply not in their budget. We called a few other companies using green cleaning techniques and discovered that they were much higher than regular home cleaners. This inspired our unrelenting passion to bring green cleaning to as many homes as possible at the same cost or less than traditional home cleaners. At Go Green we think it is our duty to educate and use our green cleaning products and techniques in as many homes as possible. We do not want to ever have to hear of another life lost because of hazardous cleaning products.